Ray J's "I Hit It First" Video Is Strange, Pathetic, and Awesome

Date: April 29

Did you really expect Ray J's "I Hit It First" video to be tasteful? Of course not! So on Monday morning with the visuals dropped for one of the most annoying, disgusting, and unfortunately, very catchy, songs, we all watched. There were a few great things about the video—like meeting Bobby Brackins and trying to truly understand why Ray J had a hologram of a Kim Kardashian lookalike. It's either or, homeboy. Ray J could have had a hologram of Kim K or a lookalike. But he made everything more complicated, and creepy.

Wondering what he's watching in the GIF above? F! News, of course. A mockery of Kim K's infamous shows on E! News. Unfortunately, Ray J had a lot of opportunities to throw shade at Kim K. But he spent most of the video looking weird as hell, and that takes the spotlight off of the Kardashians, for like the first time, ever. —Lauren Nostro

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