Jay-Z Calls Himself A New Kennedy on "100$ Bill," Meanwhile The Rest of The Great Gatsby Soundtrack Sucks

Date: May 2

After a few weeks of snippets and anticipation, we finally got to hear The Great Gatsby soundtrack this week. It's not the greatest piece of work we ever heard (psst...it sucks), but to be fair, we weren't really thinking "instant classic" when we heard will.i.am was on it. It's all good though, because "100$ Bill" is the first track, and Jay-Z is still prospering.

He got the "Benjamin Franklins filled, rolled up for the thrill," he's riding in a 911, and is just rolling in dollars. Hell, he's balling so much that he's got the dollar sign after the dollar amount because "$100 Bill" is for common folk. The soundtrack may be a disappointment, but Hov is still winning. Brian Josephs

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