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According to A$AP Rocky, his rise to stardom felt like it happened overnight. It must seem surreal to hear the multi-purpose acronym of his namesake chanted by thousands of strangers, and now there is a documentary in the works to chronicle the events surrounding his come-up. Aptly called "Suddenly," this trailer for the movie teases with some choice quotes from Rocky and co.

This is what A$AP Yams had to say:

"It wasn't nothing coming out that was innovative. I was just trying to get anybody to just listen to us."

And this is what Rocky himself had to say:

"I thought by the time I was 18 I was gonna have a record deal. I was gonna have a Hummer...with a mansion. I was gonna be stuntin'."

Watch the preview above for the film that takes a look back through the years leading up to Rocky's eventual celebrity.

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