In this interview, Jay-Z (who might be the only person wearing Billionaire Boys Club that actually lives up to the literal name of the brand) talks about how the seed of an idea for his involvement in the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby came about. Apparently, Hov was at The Mercer hotel, and when discussing the art and act itself of collaboration in music (the context being: work with Kanye on Watch The Throne), the thought of putting together the soundtrack emerged. 

He goes on to note that the result of his work was not a typical soundtrack, that he (to paraphrase) made an effort to make sure that the songs in the film made sense in the context of their respective scenes, rather than being an "afterthought."

Jay, a.k.a. "The King Of This Shit Abyways[sic]" (Chief Keef, 4/11/2013), is always dropping knowledge. Watch the BlackTree.TV production above.

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[via Rap Radar]