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There'll probably never be an end to the crazy stories that surrounds the infamous Death Row label. Add this one to the anthology: Eazy-E plotted to kill Suge Knight.

Jerry Heller, co-founder of Ruthless Records, got interviewed on the Prezident Bejda of The Murder Master Music Show and mentioned his biggest mistakes in his career. One of those mistakes was convincing Eazy E to not go through with his plan:

"Eazy said, 'You know this guy Suge Knight?' I said, 'Yeah.' He says, 'Well, I'm gonna kill him!' He said, 'This guy is gonna be a problem and I think I should kill him.' I said, 'Let me think this thing through. First of all, we're doing $10 million a month with six employees. We don't even have a typewriter in the office. We're the most successful start-up record company in the history of the music business and you want to kill this guy? That just doesn't make any sense to me.'"

"You know something? I should have let him kill him. You know? I would have done the world a favor. He would have done it for sure by himself. He always rolled by himself and he was fearless...I think that he was going to go do it. I took him seriously."

Done the world a favor? Was it really that serious, even in retrospect? Check out the comments at around the 24:30 mark here and listen to the full interview below.

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[via HipHopDX]

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