While you were studying Hamlet, Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era (in this case, NYCk Caution, Dyemond Lewis, and Kirk Knight) were answering with a resounding YES to the question: "To blaze or not to blaze?" This slacker anthem off of PEEP: The aPROcalypse is a decent excuse for them to make higher education puns. The best of them, in order of increasing quality, are as follows:

3. "Y'all went to high school, I went to school high."

2. "I always pass."

1. "F*ck an eighth, period."

Once you forgive the guys for the, uh, highbrow humor, it is easy to enjoy the song, it's one of their more lighthearted posse cuts. The video itself is somewhat visually reminiscent of The Cool Kids' "Rush Hour Traffic" and Chance The Rapper's "Good Ass Intro," where live action meets and interacts with animation.  Watch above, and...stay in school.

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[via XclusivesZone]