Have you ever wondered what De La Soul looks like on the side of a Rubik's cube...high? De La's latest single is featuring "The Spirit of Wu Tang," but it might as well be by Forever-era RZA himself. As a new De La Soul release, it feels about as in touch with the zeitgeist as Tarantino wearing Wu Wear in 2013. This might seem a bit backhanded, and it is, to a degree—who wants to see one of the best hip-hop groups of all time slovenly recreating the vibe of one of the other best hip-hop groups of all time? On the other hand, it is kind of interesting as a thought exercise, in a DC vs. Marvel-kind of way.

It should also be mentioned that the plugs can still rap, and sound like themselves, and clearly have something to say. They've never really fallen off; latter-day records like "Baby Phat" and "Shopping Bags" have withstood their lack of major commercial success, certainly. So while years of Wu stans copping the style of the originators might have kept this track from sounding particularly fresh or novel, at the very least De La have earned our patience. Their album You're Welcome is due this year.

[via RS]

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