DAD can't explain it, but we noticed abnormal interest in our news piece on the 2014 Ultra Music Festival early bird tickets that went on sale yesterday. We get the hype surrounding one of the biggest festivals in the U.S., but the thirst was indeed real. These early bird tickets were listed at $149.95 for general admission, then a round of "advanced" tickets were presented at $274.95 when the servers that were guaranteed to not go down ended up going down, disallowing Ultra 2014 hopefuls being able to cop tickets at that price as well. EDM thirst is so real. No matter how awful the servers were, the 2014 UMF early bird and advanced tickets still sold out in four minutes. Now, you have to settle for $399.95 general admission tickets (with a $90 activation fee), with a whopping $849.95 for VIP packages. This is all to see some of the best DJs in the world spin, mind you, but still. $500 (or over $900). And this is BEFORE you factor in travel, lodging, food, and liquor. And whatever else you have going on. EDM thirst is real, as is the anger.

Many ravers couldn't get in, and took to Twitter to voice their frustration, concern, remembrances of low ticket prices, and assurance that they don't really need to hit Ultra in the first place. We're just left with a bunch of questions: Is Ultra scamming ravers? Were the servers even down? Why are people buying tickets for next year's festival right now? Conspiracy theories abound, but there's only one thing we know for certain: EDM thirst is SO real.