Body count: 5
Best threat: "I tied her to the bed, I was thinking the worst/But yo, I had to let my niggas fuck her first/Yeah, loaded up the 44 yo/Then I straight smoked the hoe"
Album: Niggaz4Life
Producer: Dr. Dre
Label: Ruthless, Priority

When N.W.A. lost Ice Cube they lost their most important asset—a sharp sense of humor. Without O'Shea's wit, songs that previously toed the line between funny and offensive became cruel. Instead of the provocative "A Bitch Iz a Bitch," Dr. Dre and MC Ren give us a mean-spirited tale of randomly executing hoo-ers, all delivered without a hint of irony. After a hoe tries to "gank" him, Dre ties her to a bed, let's his homies have some and puts a .44 shell in her melon, before moving on to extorting a girl he was banging and having her "put to sleep" before her husband caught them, while Ren rubs out another "skanless bitch" and her dude for shits 'n giggles. Eazy-E finishes up proceedings with a typical "trust no bitch" rant, making for one of the most tasteless and disrespectful tracks ever dealing with the fairer sex. While we're all for quality Ignorant Rap, songs like this make it seem like Dre's mom must have locked him in the basement as a child and cut off the heads of all his G.I. Joe action figures.