Body count: 17
Best threat: "What I carry's much bigger than Dirty Harry's/Do a Hail Mary, I make Bloody Mary's out of your capillaries"
Album: 4,5,6
Producer: Dr. Butcher
Label: Cold Chillin', Epic Street, SME

Having perfected the art of brag rap, street narratives, and fictional cinematics over the course of his first three albums, the Kool Genius of Rap turned his attention to elevating the art of Gun Talk to previously unseen heights. Never before has murderous gunplay been described with such poetic grace, as KGR goes on a killing spree "until the morgue got bodies stacked up to the fuckin' ceiling." Whether he's threatening to leave you "played out of pocket with a rocket in your eye socket" or about to put "one inside the wifey and the baby carriage," G Rap lets no moment of this sinister Dr. Butcher beat go to waste. Send in the meatwagon.