Body count: 12
Best threat: "Be like Richard Pryor set your balls on fire/Better yet go hang yourself with a barbed wire"
Album: 6 Feet Deep
Producer: Prince Paul
Label: Gee Street

It's tempting to describe the Gravediggaz as a "horrorcore supergroup," but let's not for the sake of good taste. The combination of ex-Stetsasonic members Prince Paul and Frukwan, '80s MC Too Poetic and The RZA from Wu-Tang (who all happened to be former Tommy Boy Records artists) proved that rapping about demons and graveyards could actually work without sounding like a corny gimmick, unlike some of their competitors. Their debut had to be retitled for the U.S. market (Niggamortis was a little too confrontational, apparently). It provided the cartoonish violence of "1-800-Suicide," a bucket list of unpleasant ways to end your miserable existence. Some notable examples include feeding yourself to a crocodile, driving while under the influence of LSD, or sticking a firehose in your mouth until your dome pops from the water pressure.