Producer: Just Blaze
Album: The Suffix
Label: N/A

When Wayne began his ascension from slept-on Southerner to best rapper alive, some stubborn Northerners accused him of borrowing a little too heavily from Jay-Z's flow. This was a greatly exaggerated claim. While there was some Jay influence, Weezy drew equally on a wide variety of artists from below the Mason-Dixon-Mystikal, Cee-Lo, and Soulja Slim, to name a few.

His true skill lied in the synthesis of these styles. But maybe the Jay allegations had more to do with beat selection. On mixtapes Wayne showed a particular fondness for his catalog, so much so that his Prefix tape was basically Wayne-Plays-The-Black-Album. Can you blame him though? The Roc-A-Fella production unit was undeniably brilliant at the turn of the century. The production on the Suffix was a little more varied than its predecessor, but he still made a point to bless Jay's one-off claim to Summertime dominance.