Producer: T-Mix, Batman
Album: Tha Carter II
Label: Cash Money, Young Money, Universal

Sure, Mannie and Wayne fit together like LEGO bricks, but one of the exciting things about Fresh's exodus was finally hearing Wayne work outside the camp with new producers and sounds on Tha Carter's second installment. For "Hustler Muzik," the very underrated T-Mix (formerly of the Suave House camp) slides Weezy a blues-tinged country rap tune, and he sounds right at home.

His warped sense of humor shines, too: "I ain't never killed nobody-promise." It sounds like a surprising confessional from the young hustler...but wait for it: "...And I promise if you try me he gon' have to rewind this track!" Only Wayne could so hilariously turn an admission of innocence into a threat of future guilt.