Tonight at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel decided to get a jump start on his WWE career by doing the Hogan leg drop on some poor girl. While singing his hit song "Adorn" he attempted to go from one stage to another by jumping over a crowd of people, but he ended up landing on a girl reportedly named Khyati.

Khyati was alright, and Miguel was seen with her backstage (shorty was holding down an icepack though) but you know Miguel's life is never going to be the same because 38 seconds after it happened the collective Internet screamed, "LIKE WE ALWAYS DO IT THIS TIME!," got on Photoshop, and started making memes. Click ahead to see the The 10 Best Miguel Leg Drop Memes. We just hope Miguel has his lawyer on speed dial... 

(See any awesome memes we missed? Let us know in the comments section)

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