For the past six years, Flosstradamus has been crossing of genres and defining the sound of the Internet age. With the invention of the MP3 (and later iPods and any other device/service that allows you to listen to what you want, when you want), kids aren't just sticking with one sound, and the idea of DJs mashing up different styles of music and making it work has been part of what Flosstradamus is all about. Whether it's the Chicago heavy sounds of house and juke or the current trap phenomenon, Flosstradamus has displayed a knack for churning out high quality champion sounds, and have gained a sizeable following—with both fans and musical peers.

In 2013, it might be easy for some to forget the days when Flosstradamus were doing De La Soul mixes for Nike+, or the pre-Fool's Gold/Mad Decent work they accomplished BEFORE they became trap ambassadors. The #HOODIEBOYZ have been running this town for years, and before we got lost in the haze of their next release, let's take a look back at their best remixes. It's a powerful collection of indie rock reworks and full-on seductive anthems, often for some of the biggest names in the business. Kick back, tune in, and turn up!