Speaker For The Dead is one of those guys that I run into pretty frequently on those rare evenings where I venture out of my cave, and he's always a pleasure to speak with.  His So This Is Human Life release was mastered by Starkey, and features remixes from DAD favorites like Dev79, Architekt, Bombé, and Jack Deezl. This release is available on Bandcamp for whatever price you want to name, and I'm sitting here looking at a group of incredibly talented artists that are genuinely nice people.

It makes me wonder if the simple act of kind and educated artists working together is the new key to success.  In the past year I have seen a genuine level of love and inspiration in this city.  New venues are opening up, new connections are being made, and new ground is being broken.  Philadelphia artists and labels are pushing some really amazing records.  Everything that Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey have been co-signing and releasing these past years has been dope, and Starkey's original work is nothing short of inspiring.  But when we notice that three of the five artists on this EP from Speaker For The Dead were also on Glitch Squad Compilation Volume 1, it's looking like there is another source of solidarity in musicianship in Philadelphia.

This release pushes the boundaries of electronic music, and can't really be explained any better than it actually SOUNDS.  You could listen to me ramble about these records, or just listen to them yourself.  There is no focus on a specific genre or style, and every record is unique and beautiful.  Stream this one and share it around.