Def Jam has had a busy year so far. In March, Joie "IE" Manda left his spot as the president of Def Jam to go work for the Urban Team over at Interscope. Just yesterday, Sha Money XL vacated his executive position to go work for Epic Records. 

Today, Def Jam announced they're promoting Shawn "Pecas" Costner—who spent the last three years as Senior VP—to Executive Vice President.

"Def Jam [Records] is the greatest Hip Hop label in the world and it is an honor and a privilege to work with such incredible artists every day," said Costner in a press statement. "I am appreciative of [Island Def Jam Records President] Steve Bartels for his leadership and his continued faith in me as we move the Def Jam brand into the future. With our talented staff, an unprecedented roster of superstars and an exciting crop of newcomers, we are poised to win big in 2013 and beyond."

If you're not up on the latest industry happenings, be sure to check out this video interview the good folks over at Al Lindstrom did on Pecas a while back. 

Congrats to Pecas on the promotion! 

[via HHDX]