Date: May 2013
Location: Edison, NJ

Lyric: "Firebomb cribs like Left Eye did." - Beanie Sigel on "Roc the Mic"

What happened? Michael A. Dotro—a 10-year veteran of the Edison Police Department's Internal Affairs Unit—allegedly firebombed his captain's home last week while the man was inside with his wife, two children, and 92-year-old mother. Captain Mark Anderko and his family escaped the blaze, but their home was seriously damaged. Dotro was suspended in 2005 and 2008 for incidents he was eventually cleared of,. He was also arrested in 2008 after getting into a fistfight with his elderly neighbor. 

Complex says: Sigel's goon status is not to be questioned. Dotro's sanity should certainly be questioned, and his future is in question. At some point, you have to practice some chill.