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While we're not sure of the origin of this Twitter rant, but Zedd took to his account to speak on the actions of music fans today. Social media has bridged the gap, helping interaction between artists and fans become as easy as a 140 character message, but that accessibility opens the floodgates, allowing a lot of hate and awful comments to spill through the ether. Anyone who's invested time and/or money into an artist has probably felt some kind of way when their "underground darling" blows up and starts accumulating new fans.

We have to agree with Laidback Luke's final statement: This isn't necessarily a "new" phenomenon, but with the rise of social media, it's become so easy to fall in love, dismiss, then totally hate an artist. Everything has moved in cycles, but they definitely seem to start and end much sooner in Internets time. Check out Zedd's comments, and figure out what kind of fan you are... and what kind of fan you want to be.