Young Scooter has been in the Dekalb County Jail for probation violation, but just like Kanye West wouldn't allow his wired-shut mouth to stop him from rapping, Scooter is reaching out to his supporters through the very bars of his prison cellwith some bars of his own. Not only did he hand-write a letter of appreciation addressed to all of his fans, which you can read in full below, he recorded a song over what sounds like it must be the prison phone. Though the comprehensibility of the track is compromised by the loss of quality through the phone line, perhaps this kind of distortion could be the next Auto-Tune, at least for inmate rappers.

In any case, it's a fascinating look into the mind of Young Scooter, and perhaps it's even more impressive than Ja Rule coming out of jail in such brolic fashion. If you've ever wondered what Young Scooter's handwriting looks like, or which of his rapper friends he would misspell publicly thank, this is for you.

Scooter says that his release date is September 27, but that he could be released earlier, depending on good behavior. His Street Lottery 2 mixtape is set to come out on Independence Day, in case you wanted to listen to Scooter instead of "The Star-Spangled Banner" while you celebrate the patriotic holiday.

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[via MissInfo]

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