Diplo, who ranked #28 on Fast Company's "Most Creative People 2013" list, recently got through Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, and he had some choice words for it. His rant basically describes, as Pigeons & Planes put it, the "gap between who Daft Punk mattered to THEN, who Daft Punk matters to NOW, and who is still trying to figure out why, exactly, Daft Punk matters so much." It's damn hard to try and fit Random Access Memories into today's EDM scene, but with so many people screaming "don't forget the old days," we think this will be a vital piece in connecting the dots for young(er) dance music fans and those who came before them.

In any case, Diplo went in, comparing the album to Peter Drake and his singing guitar, saying the Todd Edwards-featured "Fragments of Time" felt like he was "alone at waffle house and the jukebox is broken and only micheal mcdonald plays out of it" (although we're not sure how many of his followers are actually up on Michael McDonald), and much more. Check out all of the tweets up top, and let us know - have you streamed Random Access Memories yet? What are you thoughts? Do you think today's EDM fan will "get it," or is that even an issue?

(Pigeons & Planes)