Today, Paris Hilton announced that she has signed to Cash Money Records.

We didn't believe it at first but these tweets from Birdman seem to solidify it: 

Birdman said it, RichgangRichgirl, we're just going to take his word for it. 

Although she's hoping her album incorporates EDM music thanks to Afrojack, this isn't the first time Paris has popped up in some hip-hop news. In the past, we've seen her posing with tons of rappers and one time she drank a 40 oz with Snoop Dogg and rapped for him. Ironically, she's been accused of being a racist in the past as well.

Stories of her dropping the n-word or saying she doesn't like black men have been thrown around since the days of her reality show, The Simple Life. She has denied being a racist—even though we've seen actual footage of her dropping n-bombs—but it looks like maybe she changed her views? After all, she recently appeared in Rich Gang's "Tapout" video and now she's signed to Cash Money. Her new deal in place, we took a look back at Paris Hilton's Most Hip-Hop Moments.

Written by Lauren Nostro (@LAURENcynthia)

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