Nick Cannon has been doing comedy for years, from being a young producer of his own show to film to Wild'n Out on MTV, among other ventures. DAD has to assume that his foray into EDM with an album titled White People Party Music is some kind of cruel joke, both to the history of dance music both in America in general and to lovers of good music.

We hope people don't forget that it was the Black people on Chicago and Detroit who were creating, innovating, and pushing house and techno music when they were in their formative years. We get it, the "EDM" craze that's swept America over the last few years, and is turning into a cash cow in 2013, means that there are a lot of new (and white) faces into these sounds, but the entire concept of White People Party Music sounds more like a cash grab than anything that could be considered "humorous," especially when you listen to what's apparently supposed to be a single from the project, the horribly-titled "Me Sexy."

We guess the assumption is that Nick will be doing the production on this? His attempts as a producer have been documented, but this isn't even good. What's odd is, for an album entitled White People Party Music, this sounds like the ignorant kind of club anthem he thinks his music will be catered to. It's also funny how he starts out the track "I don't care if you Black, White, Asian, even my Spanish people...," does that mean everyone can get "turnt up all the way" to your uneducated attempt at making dance music? And even while Nick himself says the album won't be EDM, hip-hop, or pop, but "just fun," from the two tracks we've heard ("Me Sexy" and "I'm Famous"), it sure sounds like he's on an EDM kick with this one, and it's not for the better.