I'm not one to throw rumors out with any kind of confirmation. And it took a bit of poking around to sort all of this out.  Six months ago, DecaRhythm released a song called "DUBWIZE" and introduced Judahh as a newcomer; "a producer renowned for his dubstep identity."

There is no bio for Judahh. There are no links to social media. There is a complete lack of information. This slick tune got slept on, and might have been a non-event. Until I see that something titled "DECA MIX" popped up in my SoundCloud stream over the weekend. I don't listen to much techno, so anything in my stream that's been reposted or liked that's outside of the artists I follow or the genres I focus on immediately catches my eye.  These tunes are insane, and I'm confused as to why I'm in the middle of loving an assortment of techno tunes.  A quick poke around, and you'll see that there's one notable musician that randomly reposted it.


Jakes. We love Jakes. And there is no doubt or question that he's a producer renowned for his dubstep identity. Judahh may just be a personal acquaintance of Jakes, right?  Whoever this unknown talent is, he's making records tagged as techno that have tons of grime and moombahton influence. This DJ skill and these tracks are too clean to be from someone that we don't know.  Then I decided to take a peek over on Jakes' Facebook page. And of course he's sharing this mix from Judahh.


Then I get incredibly curious, dive a bit deeper, and find that DecaRhythm happened to use "Jakes" as a tag for Judahh's new EP.  And the bio says this is a new project from Jermaine Jacob, Jakes' legal name.


I looked around a bit to see if there was a press release on this.  Nothing.  To my knowledge, no other site noticed or picked this up.  And I'm imagining there was no official announcement.  This is huge news.  I feel like I deserve a surprise for winning this scavenger hunt.  But even if you're a snobby bass enthusiast, trust me and give an ear to this mix. Techno certainly isn't my cup of tea, and this blew my mind for 30 minutes. These records are the next level.   And if you're looking to snag tunes from this monumental mix, Judahh's Daylight EP is availble to purchase now on iTunes.