Mac Miller's second album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off, is apparently coming out on June 18th, though this is probably not what Kanye West wanted to share with the world this morning. However, if Kanye's unexplained date announcement is indeed a record release, the two rappers (both of whose previous LP's debuted at #1) will go head to head on the charts. 

Mac took to Twitter, revealing the release date in a characteristically unusual manner, with an embedded UStream of him in a bathtub. As much as we are all fans of good hygiene, we're not sure if we see the connection. Then again, his recent video (the first single on the upcoming album) for "S.D.S." was also rife with the art of non sequitur unless there is a grand, unifying theme behind his aesthetic choices that went way over our heads. In any case, Mac says he worked very hard on the album, it should be interesting to see the results.

[via RapUp]

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