While most Internets will want to argue over how long it has been since we first got word of Xample and Lomax forming Loadstar, signing with Ram Records, and getting an album out (which can be anywhere in the two to three year range), we're just glad that they previewed a new tune, "Scorpio," to say "sorry" for the delay in Future Perfect's release this month. We told you back in February that their album was due out on May 8, but it has now been rescheduled for release on May 27.

If "Scorpio" is any indication of the heat they're holding, it'll be well worth the couple of weeks more we have to wait. This tune isn't a "beat you over the skull" banger, but definitely combines an infectious, quick-shot vocal with some gutpunching bass. They know what the fuck they're doing, and if it takes a few weeks for it to drop, that's fine.