Nobody does real talk like Reggie Ossé a.k.a. Combat Jack. The former rap industry attorney, media executive, author, and Internet radio talk-show personality now hosts The Combat Jack Show, where hip-hop's biggest names are put on the front line. The questions will be tough—and shots will be fired. Co-hosted by Dallas Penn, Premium Pete, and Just Blaze, The Combat Jack Show appears every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Complex TV.

In part one of our three part interview with Large Professor on The Combat Jack Show, Extra P talks about changing the game, meeting Rakim at his mom's house, and the time he met Big Daddy Kane in the studio.

Just Blaze actually kicks things off by declaring that the Professor at Large is in fact the greatest producer of all time because he produced two of the best beats ever, "It Ain't Hard To Tell" and "Looking At The Front Door." Combat touches on how Illmatic changed the landscape of rap music (no mention of how it ruined hip-hop, however). Just Blaze gets into the nitty-gritty of production and explains how Extra P gave rise to small things like sleigh bells instead of nothing but hi-hats on beats.

But things really get going when Extra P starts talking about meeting Rakim for the first time out in Long Island. He follows that epic story with another one about showing up late to a session with the always punctual  Big Daddy Kane, only to find Kane chilling in boxers and a hoodie. Extra P can hardly contain his laughter while revealing, "Mr. Cee was there."

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