Remember the good ol' days of the Internet when twerking was a wholesome activity? Back when it was reserved only for the classiest of people like the Twerk Team or the girls on WorldStarCandy? Well those days are long gone, people.

Twerking has been corrupted by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes. And they couldn't twerk on the twerkingest day of their mothertwerking life if they had a professional twerking machine that was addicted to twerkahol

We don't want to be alarmists, but this is the most diabolical threat to national twerking security since the Red Menace. But none dare call it a conspiracy.

Just how popular has twerking become? So much so that mainstream lamestream media organizations like The Huffington Post have sent a crack team of journalists to investigate just what twerking is.

But then they realized no one over the age of 20 even knew what it was. So instead they made a graph about what twerking isn't. You can see their results below.

Twerk safely my friends. 

[via Huffington Post]

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