Wu-Tang Clan, Wu-Tang Forever (1997)

Ghostface Killah: “‘Impossible’ has to be my favorite. I darted it out! That was a true story, some of it. One of my baby’s mothers' brother got murdered from Staten Island. He was a live nigga and shit. And they killed him on the Fourth of July. And I remember I was there. Not outside when he got murdered, but I was upstairs. And it was chaos. ‘Cause everybody loved this dude.

“And the mother came out, when I say, ‘Screaming, holding her breast with a gown on.’ And his name was J Love, kna’ mean? So when I said, ‘Jamie been shot/You my motherfuckin’ heart,’ that’s who I was referring to.


I darted it out!


“When I write shit like that, it’s the beat. Every rhyme I wrote, whether it was a weak one or a hype one, it’s because of the beat. The beat has something in it. A lot of times with me, I know how to swim through notes, and lay on certain shit. The beat’s getting ready to break down, I break down with it. Switch the flow up during that break-down, and then come back. That’s how I read music. And I’m not even a producer like that. It’s just a gift. As I went on, I got better with it.”

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