Raekwon f/ Ghostface Killah, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... (1995)

Ghostface Killah: “We went to Barbados to record that shit, then got kicked out, and went to record it in Miami. We got kicked out I guess ‘cause the British, well there was black people too, and I love white people, but they were too much under us. Whatever music we played, not even turned up, they’d go and call the people on us. They kept doing it every fucking time. And then, we had fatigues on. And we couldn’t wear them out there. ‘Take that shit off!’ We had to get the fuck outta there. It was too much.

“But it was a blessing, because we got to Miami, and it was a whole different vibe. We recorded ‘Ice Water,’ and a majority of the Cuban Linx album there. Me and Rae were just going in. ‘Spot Rusherz’ and all that other shit started coming to play.

“We had a bunch of beats with us that RZA made. Before we left, we picked them out, like, ‘Give us those.’ We took all the fire ones. We wrote like we wanted every song to be a single. That was our mindset. I gotta go do that again, and get back into that mode. Make every song a single.


I said ‘rape’ at first. ‘Yo Rae, I’m ‘bout to rape her.’ He was like, ‘Nah, we can’t say that.’ [Laughs.] It was too much.


“I haven’t heard Cuban in so long. I perform ‘Criminology’ like every fuckin’ night. But you know, you get tired of that. ‘Wisdom Body’ was one of my favorites on there, and I’m just saying that because it was just me. When I first heard that beat, the beat was ridiculous. That’s one of my favorites.

“I even like ‘Spot Rusherz.’ Rae was saying some fly shit on there. And I was going in on the intro. But I remember when I said, ‘Yo Rae, come here,’ at the end, and he’s like, ‘Yo, chill Ghost.’ And I’m like, ‘Yo Rae, I’m ‘bout to scrape her.’ But I said ‘rape’ at first. ‘Yo Rae, I’m ‘bout to rape her.’ He was like, ‘Nah, we can’t say that.’ [Laughs.] It was too much. He said, ‘No, just say ‘scrape her.’’ And it became ‘scrape.’ I was just thinking about that the other day.

“But Rae had lines on ‘Spot Rusherz.’ I wasn’t there when he did ‘Scarface.’ When I first heard it, that shit was chunky. Flex and all these niggas were playing it. It was too much of a monster. If I had the choice to only pick one, because he even bodied ‘Knowledge God,’ man, it’s just too much. Each joint got its own stage.”

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