In this conversation with Red Bull Music Academy, Erykah Badu reveals details about her collaborators (she and Janelle Monáe call each other "twin," J Dilla ate a lot of candy, etc.), discusses the origin of her relationship with Andre 3000, and talks about the concept of "groupthink," which was apparently the inspiration for her rebelliously provocative music video, "Window Seat" (in which she publicly takes off all of her clothes).

Though originally from Texas, Badu adores New York City, claiming that "Brooklyn is heaven" and referring to the borough as her "creative platform." The 42 year-old seems to be as lively and passionate as ever, at least from the pictures, and despite calling herself a "lazy artist," she has released six albums, homeschooled her children, and is training to become a midwife, among many other achievements. What did you do today, by the way?

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[via AfroPunk]