Drake set the Internet on fire last week after an image of him wearing a Dada short set with Beetlejuice socks and a pair Timbs on the "No New Friends" set emerged. People who apparently majored in Photoshop got extremely creative with the memes, using the image to place Drake on a Polo shirt and turn him into the X-Men's by-the-book leader, Cyclops. Today, Drake finally addressed the situation, posting two memes to his Instagram account. 

One of them is him skating with Rashad & Co. from T.I.'s 2006 acting debut, ATL, with the comment "Rashad can't see me." The other is him playing soccer with the comment "FIFA God." These suggest that Drake has a sense of humor about the situation, and he kind of has to considering his, uh, bold fashion statement. Sometimes, you have to be able to laugh at yourself.

[via Instagram]

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