When you were a kid, did you ever find yourself humming the hell out of an 8-bit melody while playing Super Mario Bros. or an equally dope game on your NES? Was that just young DADs wilding out? In any case, Foxsky's "The Whip" is one of those kinds of tracks, where the oddly amazing world of video game soundtracks gets turnt up. Foxsky's original is on a more moombahton flavor, but we dip into many forms of bass music with the batch of remixes that were provided. ETC!ETC! beez in the trap while The Reef takes us into a bleep'd up tribal moombah excursion. Vass has a brighter take on the trap sound with his version, while Udachi goes into a screwface, hypnotic Bmore zone with his version. You might need to get a good emulator, load up on the games of your childhood, and spend an afternoon downing Jolt, defeating warlocks, and forgetting the world. The Jeffrees done done it again!