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Most dance music artists work with numbers in interesting ways. Aside from BPMs, the 0s and 1s of the multiple computers they use, and the dollars they clock for signing tracks and DJing, but they do great things to celebrate milestones of followers, primarily on Facebook. Take Atlantic Connection, for example. He recently hit the 12K mark on Facebook, and unearthed this beautiful mix, Finding Myself, Finding You., which highlights the current state he's in as a producer... which is all over the place, tempo wise. We go from a chilled vibe to a harder trap edge to ride out in a beautiful drum & bass vibe. The best part is a grip of the tracks are his own, which is a great testament to how skilled he is as a producer. Roll the windows down in your whip, throw this on and take a trip. Thank us later.


Atlantic Connection - Watermelon(Calculon, Austin Speed ft Christina Tamayo Remix) - ACM
Branko - Going In Hard ft Dominique Young Unique (French Fries Remix) DRIP Edit - N/A
DRIP (aka Atlantic Connection) - French Kiss - N/A
Atlantic Connection - Life (Camo UFO's Remix) - Atlantic Connection Music
Atlantic Connection - Banjee Girl - Slowroast Records
Atlantic Connection - Fortune - Atlantic Connection Music
Atlantic Connection - What I Say ft. Tunde Olanrian(Edgewoode Remix) - ACM
Atlantic Connection - The Way I Feel About You - N/A
Atlantic Connection - Push It To The Limit - Atlantic Connection Music
Armanni Reign - Wai Hai - (Atlantic Connection Remix) - Focus Ova Swag
Atlantic Connection - Miami Sunrise - Hype Music
Atlantic Connection - Clark Kent - N/A
Atlantic Connection - On My Mind - N/A
Braka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro ft. MIA (Atlantic Connection bootleg) - N/A
Rose Hart - Put Your Hands Up (Atlantic Connection's organ mix) - Hype Music
Atlantic Connection - Watch Ya Step - N/A
Atlantic Connection - Rocksteady - Westbay Music
Kendrick Lamar - Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe(Atlantic Connection bootleg) - N/A
Mutt - Conversations ft. Kevin King (Atlantic Connection Remix) - N/A
Atlantic Connection - It's Me, It's You - Atlantic Connection Music
Atlantic Connection - So Me ft. Tali - Atlantic Connection Music
Atlantic Connection - New York, Los Angeles - N/A
Atlantic Connection - Phoenix ft. Irene Merring - Liquid V
Inc. Careful - (Atlantic Connection bootleg) - N/A