Now isn't this interesting. Back when I was a wee drum & bass-loving youngin, I'd hit the Internets heavy searching for info. Rocking on the forums introduced me to a producer, Monsta, who had a knack for crafting some insane drum & bass, and later dubstep. One thing he really got into was drawing cartoons, however. He did a number of parody panels of people in the drum & bass scene, as well as a bunch of wild pieces of cover art, eventually leading to being the design guy behind the Rufige Kru's Malice In Wonderland album, among others (check out this hilarious clip of Goldie and Heist in the studio). You recently saw his work on the cover for HULK's Mutate mix. He's previously done a music video for Caspa, and now it looks like he got tapped to animate DJ Muggs and Danny Brown for "Headfirst," which is taken from Muggs' Bass For Your Face album.

This clip takes you into the heart of the club, with all kinds of sketchy characters, huge speaker systems, and vinyl being dropped. Animated Muggs and Danny do their thing, with bass maniacs of all shapes and sizes getting into it. Great representation of this insane trap-leaning banger.

(Mass Appeal)