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Color DAD ecstatic. We'd just gotten done telling you how much we wish this track would get some kind of release, and of course now we get word that the massive "Up (Earthquake)," the first collaboration between Diplo and DJ Fresh (and Fresh's official dip into the trap sound), will not only be the first single on Fresh's forthcoming 2014 studio album, but will also be featured in the movie Kickass 2. It was also Zane Lowe's "hottest record in the world" on May 9, which is always a good thing. LessThan3 mentioned the vocal version of this track, which is way more fleshed out and features raps from Dominique Young Unique (and replaces the B.I.G. samples); Diplo dropped that during Major Lazer's Mixmag stream (around the 17:52 mark). It also sounds like it's officially being credited as "DJ Fresh vs. Diplo ft. Dominique Young Unique - 'Earthquake'." We still have no release date, but Ministry of Sound is said to be putting this one out.

UPDATE We've added a special video of Fresh's live performance of "Earthquake" featuring Dominique Young Unique, taken from his 2013 Ultra Music Festival set. It's also mentioned that "Earthquake" will be coming out "soon" on Ministry of Sound.