For everything in the 2013 Daft Punk rumor mill, the denial about touring just doesn't make sense. It'd be one thing of the androids were denying plans for another Alive-esque tour, mashing up their greatest hits and collecting the dollars that come with them. We'd understand that. They have a new album - their first since 2005 - on the way in less than two weeks. Rob Da Bank said in early January that Daft Punk would NOT be touring this year (and remember, this was pre-Random Access Memories announcement), and they later confirmed that they wouldn't be performing at this year's Coachella festival.

We say all of this to say that Daft Punk has had to deny going on tour, again. This stems from a recent Page Six article that said Pharrell mentioned going on tour with Daft Punk next year; a rep from Camp Daft Punk said that the group has no plans to tour. Pharrell later denied saying the androids were going on tour, or that he'd be touring with them, so who knows what the real situation is.

All of this has us thinking that Daft Punk WILL be touring at some point. They didn't perform at Coachella, but that was where the big "Get Lucky" ad was premiered. DAD's nodding when we read news like this, but it's hard to believe that, in this climate, Daft Punk won't be touring anytime soon. Or at least isn't "planning" to tour.

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