Producer: DJ Premier
Album: Life After Death
Label: Bad Boy

Cipha Sounds: "Obviously, huge record, because the Tunnel was definitely full of drug dealers. The reason why it was big to me was because it was originally an Angie Martinez 'Top 5 at 9' promo with Jeru rapping. She used to play it on the radio every night, and when Biggie heard it, he wanted it. If you listen to the song and you hear Premier's scratches, the numbers in the background, it stops at '5' and then he starts over at '1' and then he goes straight to '9'—'cause it's a 'Top 5 at 9' promo. This is when I was real underground, and I was like, 'How could they steal that from Jeru!' Angie says she has the original on a DAT in her closet but she won't look for it for me."