Producer: Havoc
Album: Murda Muzik
Label: Loud

Cipha Sounds: "That was one of my records that I broke. I was in Soundtrack Studios and next door to me was Prodigy. The whole day, I just heard the 'White Lines' bassline over and over again. Finally I was like, what's going on in there. He told me he was working on his solo album and he played me a piece of the song—no hook, no ad-libs, just one verse. Then like, three months later, I heard it on a Clue tape, almost the exact same way. Then I found a super-random bootleg of it. And I started playing it in the Tunnel.

"Dude from Loud Records was like, 'What is this Mobb Deep record you keep playing?' He went back to his boss and said that this record was ripping at the Tunnel. Then they made it a Mobb Deep record, so they put Havoc on the hook.The demo version knocks way harder because it wasn't mixed.

"Sidebar: I took the instrumental and made 'You Will Never Find' with these kids from Toronto called In Essence. Flex was like, 'Yo, I'm not using the studio so go in there and make some shit that you think they'll sound good over.' He said only use Loud beats so he wouldn't have to clear it. So I made that and some other shit. That record is still a club banger."