Producer: Dame Grease, Darrell "Digga" Branch, Lance "Un" Rivera
Album: Confessions of Fire
Label: Untertainment, Epic

Cipha Sounds: "Cam and Jimmy used to always be in the Tunnel, before they had a record out, and everybody knew who they were. I know Jim Jones from the Tunnel before he rapped at all, that's why we're close. '.357' had the Magnum P.I. beat and 'Pull It' had one of DMX's first features after 'Get At Me Dog' blew up.

"You used to play these records back to back. Where else could you hear these in a club? Both songs had no hook. [Cam's manager] Un always used to come to the Tunnel, and you can tell they kinda made these for the Tunnel. If you came to the Tunnel every week, you definitely got influenced into making these kinds of records. Everybody wanted something Flex would play. To get on Hot 97, you gotta get Flex to play it."