Yes, the heartwarming tale of humility and forgiveness between Chief Keef and Katy Perry comes to what we can only hope is a denouement. For those unfamiliar, the story begins when Katy hears Keef's "Hate Bein' Sober" on the radio, to which she responds by letting the world know that she had "serious doubt" for it.

Keef wasn't too happy with Katy's thought process, and proceeded to fire back with some much harsher words, which we'll choose not to repeat a second time. Katy then clarified her thoughts about the song, mentioning that she wasn't even aware that it was Keef's, and added that she was a fan of "Don't Like." Such was apparently enough for Keef (who in the moment had proposed writing a song called "Katy Perry" in light of this incident) to apologize back to Katy. To quote Chief Sosa himself, hopefully "now it's over."

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