ComplexCon returns to Long Beach Nov. 6 - 7 with hosts J. Balvin and Kristen Noel Crawley, performances by A$AP Rocky and Turnstile, and more shopping and drops.

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The need for specialists should be apparent in any industry.  Artists that are attempting to book themselves, create their own social media network, promote themselves, and climb up the ladders in this industry often fail.  It’s not because their work isn’t loved or they weren’t trying hard enough; it’s because they’re at their best when making art.

The big money really follows when you are a big enough name to land on the festival circuit.  These five-to-six figure paydays add up, as there are dozens of giant crowds all over the world every weekend for four months straight.  And the only way to get on these festivals is to have a name that promoters feel is relevant enough to draw a crowd.

The problem with this scenario is simply the politics.  You must be on the right booking agency.  You must be represented by the right management.  You must have the right ‘look.'  Your press kit must have the right numbers.  All of this can be earned.  It also can be negotiated for and purchased.

The benefit to having a strong team is simple: They know how to make you money.  If they’re getting a percentage and actually have a bit of leverage, they will work every angle they can to ensure you’re getting paid.  If you don’t get booked, they don’t pay their bills.  We’re going to introduce you to some of these players, and let you know how you can optimize your relationship with them so you can stay happy and successful as your brand grows.