No matter what field you're in, there's always someone that's been there before you. Usually, you look towards those who've been in your position for guidance, and they in turn look to teach you the right ways of advancing in your field. In the dance music realm, this seems to be even further enforced, as there are a plethora of producers, DJs, and label heads who have been there, and are not only the gatekeepers of their respective scenes, but are always looking for fresh talent.

Earlier today, BT felt motivated to share his story about getting turned on to Porter Robinson's music three years ago, and striking up a friendship with the young producers. As Porter's stock rose, his accessibility decreased, and BT shares his frustration on the matter. As EDM grows, both in the U.S. and worldwide, we're bound to run into gifted youngsters who haven't blown up... but are on the cusp. Please heed BT's story. His honesty is touching, and is a part of the scene that's not always talked about. Thank you for sharing, BT.