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We might clown Bow Wow a lot, but sometimes we have to admit we're jealous of his life. In an interview with Montreality, Bow Wow not only talked about being cool with Michael Jordan but talked about the time he pissed him off. 

According to Bow Wow, he feels like he grew up with Mike's sons Marcus and Jeffrey because whenever he was on tour in Chicago he would stop by and stay over at their house. Bow Weezy adorably keeps referring to His Airness as "Mr. Jordan" which makes him sound like Dennis The Menace talking about Mr. Wilson. 

The star of Like Mike went on to talk about the time he pissed Jordan off.

“I actually wore some Iverson's over to their house. And we was getting ready to play ball and I remember Mr. Jordan came in, woke us all up, and was like, ‘Whose is these?’ And I was like, ‘Oh man.’ You know I love AI, AI was my dude. Iverson was my dude but everything was brand Jordan’ed out. I was like, "Them mine." He was like, "Man you know...come on man. You know got to have on some Jumpman, some Jordans, something." I never saw my AIs after that moment.”

We're guessing this was around 2001 or 2002, when AI gear was moving serious units. But we have to admit we're not surprised, you know how competitive Jordan was.

Still, this whole incident reminds us of that old Joe Budden line, "When the new generation think about Jordan/All they remember is when Iverson crossed him." 

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[via BallOverAll]