Complex TV is proud to partner with Toyota Avalon on Bold Moves, a new series that focuses on change agents in a variety of cultural fields. Airing monthly, each episode will focus on a different bold and influential man, taking an in-depth look at how each one made it to the top of his industry.

Up first for Bold Moves subjects is Talib Kweli. A native New Yorker, Talib is quick to credit his hometown with being largely responsible for his early and frequent exposure to hip-hop. "It's a part of the fabric of our city," he says, "and if you grew up here, it's in you." In fact, Talib credits Brooklyn with having just as much influence on him as his own parents—and he, in turn, is credited with pushing Brooklyn to the forefront of the hip-hop game, along with another famed Brooklynite, Mos Def. "He's cut from that real, vintage, New York City MC thing," says Complex founder Mark Ecko. "He's stuck to his foundation, what's core to his values. He's always been challenging."

Kweli is a truly bold presence in popular culture. For more on the man himself, be sure to check out Episode 1 of Bold Moves above. You can also buy the Deluxe Edition of Talib's newest album, Prisoner of Conscious.