Back in March, DAD looked at how releasing music via torrents could work for dance music artists, and now it looks like BitTorrent is upping the ante with the debut of "BitTorrent Bundles," a service that will add loads more content for artists outside of just downloading an album. DJ Shadow had a similar release last year, but judging from the video up top, they're looking to expound upon this idea, and have linked up with Ultra Music and Kaskade for their first bundle, which takes a look at his "Freaks of Nature" tour. This bundle features an MP3 of "Dynasty," a preview of the Freaks of Nature documentary (which will be released on May 14, and footage from his sold-out 2-12 Staples Center show. For free. This is bigger than a random blog post or a quick YouTube trailer. And depending on how artists/labels freak it, this could be the wave of the future.


(FACT via The Next Web)