Producer: Tyler, The Creator
Album: Earl
Label: Self Released

Word salad rap has always had its detractors. "What the fuck is he talking about?" says the person who might prefer simpler clarity to tongue-twisting abstract expressionism. But from Ghostface Killah to Kool Keith to Noreaga to, of course, Q-Tip, hip-hop has a long history of high-art lyricists weaving intricate tapestries out of not-always-sense-making sentences. The thing is, rhyming for rhyme's sake sounds good, even if it leaves you scratching your head. "Earl puts the 'ass' in assassin," said Odd Future's mysterious wunderkind on his eponymous introductory joint three years ago. "And put the pieces of decomposing bodies in plastic." Splattering the canvas like Jackson Pollock, he immediately joined the past masters. —Dave Bry