HPNTK (formerly known as DJ Hipnotikk) has been involved in the Atlanta bass music scene for more than half a decade. We've been talking for years, as both of us were making dubstep edits of rap tunes at the same time. I moved over to writing articles and handling things on a business front, and he pushed forward with original production. Both "Underground Tactics" and "Reasons" are sitting near 30,000 views on All Trap Music's YouTube with no label promo or press. He then aligned with ClubTapes to start knocking out mixes, and is sitting around 200,000 streams with his mix for Trap-A-Holics' Certified Trap 3, via Freakstep Records. But his production on the underground banger "Money" is the next level of dumb.

His "Fuck Swag" weekly at Connect Lounge in Atlanta was a fun place for him to showcase these records to an enthusiastic crowd, until he was shot last night in front of the venue. Two unidentified individuals were running into Connect Lounge for no apparent reason. HPNTK and a colleague tried to take cover, and HPNTK took a bullet that settled in his lung. My sources tell me that he is fine, but there will be medical bills. There's no telling whether or not he is going to sue Connect Lounge or if the shooters will be found. In the meantime, he doesn't have health insurance, and his several day stay at Grady Memorial Hospital will cost him tens of thousands of dollars. You can donate to help his medical bills via PayPal below:

We wish HPNTK a healthy recovery, and are grateful that he is here with us today.