Kanye West got the world's attention when he decided to screen "New Slaves" at 66 different locations around the globe last weekend. The guerrilla marketing plan didn't go smoothly though, as at least one installation got shut down by officers while a few others started playing late.

"New Slaves" is being played again this weekend and the plan is still running into similar issues. Houston Police shut down the installation at Rothko Chapel last night before its scheduled start:

The installations at two other Houston spots didn't fare much better. Central Library's projection was shutdown because of technical difficulties. George Bush Monument's location was just a no-show, which left attendees screaming Kanye threats while the sprinklers came on.

It's a shame and the sprinkler incident is just straight-up unfortunate. But on the brighter side of things, June 18 is closing in.

[via The Houston Chronicle]

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