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The first Coke Boys release was a major milestone for French, and arguably the best record of the rapper's mixtape run. It incorporated a diverse array of sounds, including the suddenly-hot Lex Luger style emanating from Atlanta clubs, throwback tracks given a modern sheen, and the established chemistry of his collaborations with Harry Fraud. Overall, it was a perfectly-balanced tape.

"Choppa Down" with Waka Flocka became the rapper's first major club hit in the South, and was a success in large part due to French's hook, which adapted surprisingly well to the more sparse, car-and-club-oriented sounds hot in Atlanta. Even when French made concessions to the sonic template of other cities on this record, it all seemed of-a-piece, which wouldn't always be the case going forward.

On opener "Storm is Coming," French really hits on the motivation that was now driving his most focused effort, "They gave my nigga Max like 70 plus," a reference to Max's prison sentence. The second half of the tape is possibly its strongest, from Harry Fraud collaboration "Crack the Top," another melodic, grungy sing-song anthem, to Fat Joe feature "We Run NY," which reinvented KRS-One's "Sound of da Police" without losing its rugged spirit or being overly retro, incorporating New York history for a new era—something many big apple rappers still struggle with.

Perhaps one of the strongest cuts is Three 6 Mafia-accompanying closer "Money Weed Blow," which features a ruthlessly brutal French verse, "Got me on my south shit, pills with the lean/Glock ten shots, inf with the beam/Purple lambo, smoking the rambo/Take my chances, life's a gamble."